Smith Machine

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Product Overview:

Our Safety-Focused Smith Machine with Weight Storage is a premium fitness solution designed to prioritize safety and stability in your strength training routine. With a limited bar travel distance, integrated weight storage horns, and a robust steel and rubber base, this machine is engineered for a secure and efficient workout experience.

Key Features:

  1. Limited Bar Travel: The bar’s travel is intentionally restricted to 470mm (18.5 inches) from the floor, enhancing safety during your workouts. This feature ensures controlled movements and minimizes the risk of accidents, making it perfect for lifters of all levels.
  2. Integrated Weight Storage Horns: This Smith machine features six integrated weight storage horns, providing a convenient and organized way to store your weight plates. Keep your gym space neat and clutter-free while having your weights readily accessible.
  3. Steel & Rubber Base: Each supporting pipe of the machine is equipped with a sturdy steel and rubber base. This design prevents slipping and ensures stability during exercises, even on smooth surfaces.


  • Millimeters: 2190 (Length) x 1470 (Width) x 2370 (Height)
  • Inches: 86″ (Length) x 58″ (Width) x 93″ (Height)

Why Choose Our Safety-Focused Smith Machine:

Safety and stability are paramount when it comes to strength training, and our Smith Machine with Weight Storage excels in both areas. The limited bar travel ensures controlled movements, making it suitable for users at all skill levels. The integrated weight storage horns keep your weights organized and easily accessible, streamlining your workout routine.

The steel and rubber base adds another layer of security, preventing the machine from slipping and ensuring a secure workout environment. Whether you’re focused on powerlifting, bodybuilding, or general strength training, this Smith machine is an excellent addition to your gym.

Prioritize your safety and fitness goals with the Safety-Focused Smith Machine with Weight Storage. Elevate your training and enjoy peace of mind during your workouts.