Torso Rotation

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Product Description:

Target Your Obliques and More with Our Adjustable Core Trainer

Experience effective and comfortable workouts for your obliques, hip flexors, and upper back muscles with our Adjustable Core Trainer. This fitness equipment is thoughtfully designed to provide targeted and well-rounded core training.

Key Features:

  1. Adjustable Chest Pad: The chest pad is fully adjustable to ensure a comfortable exercise experience for users of all sizes, allowing you to customize your workout.
  2. Kneeling Position: Enjoy a safe and spine-friendly kneeling position that helps you avoid any spinal strain, making your workouts both effective and pain-free.
  3. Versatile Range of Motion: The machine offers an adjustable range of motion, enabling effective workouts on both sides of your body and promoting balanced muscle development.
  4. Effortless Chest Pad Adjustment: The spring-assisted chest pad adjustment feature makes it quick and easy to set up the machine for your workouts.
  5. Safety and Durability: A fully covered weight stack ensures safety during your workouts and extends the machine’s lifespan.
  6. Progressive Weight Selection: Easily choose your preferred weight from options of 2.5Kg, 5Kg, and 7.5Kg by simply rotating the knob, facilitating progressive resistance in your training.

Muscles Targeted: This machine is specifically designed to target and strengthen the oblique muscles, hip flexors, and upper back muscles, helping you achieve a powerful and well-balanced core.

Product Dimensions:

  • Inches: 43″ x 45″ x 66″
  • Millimeters: 1092mm x 1143mm x 1676mm

Elevate your core workouts with our Adjustable Core Trainer. Experience comfort, versatility, and safety in your core training. Don’t miss the opportunity to enhance your fitness journey – order now!