Seated Leg Press

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Product Description:

Experience Optimal Gluteal Workouts with Our Seated Leg Press Machine

Discover a revolutionary approach to gluteal training with our Hip Stress Minimizer Machine. This innovative fitness equipment is meticulously designed to provide an exceptional glute workout experience.

Key Features:

  1. Upright Positioning: The upright positioning of this machine allows stress to transmit directly to the hips, minimizing spinal straining and ensuring a comfortable and effective workout.
  2. Customizable Range of Motion: The seat can be easily adjusted to select your desired range of motion, catering to users of all sizes and preferences.
  3. Flawless Movement: Three sets of rollers on two pipes provide flawless movement, ensuring a smooth and consistent exercise experience.
  4. Safety and Durability: A fully covered weight stack guarantees safety during your workouts and enhances the machine’s durability.
  5. Progressive Weight Selection: Choose your desired weight from options of 2.5Kg, 5Kg, and 7.5Kg with a simple rotation of the knob, enabling progressive resistance in your training.

Muscles Targeted: This machine primarily targets the gluteus muscles and, to a lesser extent, the hamstrings and calves, helping you develop strength and definition in these important lower body areas.

Product Dimensions:

  • Inches: 73″ x 35″ x 66″
  • Millimeters: 1854mm x 889mm x 1676mm

Elevate your gluteal workouts with our Hip Stress Minimizer Machine. Experience optimal range of motion, stability, and safety in your lower body training. Don’t miss the opportunity to enhance your fitness journey – order yours now!