Row Rear Deltoid

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Elevate Your Lats and Deltoids with Our Diverging Chest Gym Machine

Achieve a superior upper body workout with our Diverging Chest Gym Machine, meticulously designed to target your lats and deltoids. Explore the exceptional features that make this fitness equipment a game-changer.

Key Features:

  1. Adjustable Chest Pad: The chest pad is easily adjustable to accommodate users of all sizes, ensuring a comfortable and customized workout experience.
  2. Dual Muscle Engagement: The handles provide a comprehensive workout for both your lats and deltoids, helping you build strength and definition in these crucial muscle groups.
  3. Natural Diverging Motion: Experience a naturally diverging motion that mimics the body’s biomechanics, promoting effective and safe workouts.
  4. Effortless Seat Adjustment: The spring-assisted seat adjustment feature makes setup quick and simple, allowing you to get to your workout without delay.
  5. Safety and Durability: A fully covered weight stack ensures safety during your workouts and extends the machine’s lifespan.
  6. Progressive Weight Selection: Choose your desired weight from options of 2.5Kg, 5Kg, and 7.5Kg with a simple rotation of the knob, ensuring progressive resistance in your training.

Muscles Targeted: This machine effectively targets the lats and deltoids, enabling you to develop strength and definition in these key upper body muscle groups.

Product Dimensions:

  • Inches: 57″ x 44″ x 66″
  • Millimeters: 1448mm x 1117mm x 1676mm

Enhance your upper body workouts with our Diverging Chest Gym Machine. Enjoy comfort, versatility, and safety in your lats and deltoids exercises. Elevate your fitness journey – order now!