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Back Extension Single Station Strength

Chest Press
  provide a smooth workout to lower back muscles
  initial position is adjustable to select range of motion.
Muscles Used  
lower back muscles  


  • Specifications
  • Overview
  TBD Gas assisted seven point adjustments
  Structure Heavy oval pipe to ensure durability and structural integrity
  Base Steel & Rubber base to at feet of eact pipe to prevent machine from slippping away
Frame finish
  Pre-treatments Each frame is chemically treated to remove rust and dust from surface before primer coating, and painting.
  Painting We are equiped with state-of-art painting technologies which comprise of paint shop, impellars to provide proper conditions for spraying, mono-rail to carry sparyed products for heat treatment and curing oven to provide the required temprature and conditions to dry the sprayed products
  Frame colours User defines colour.
  Hand Grips  
  Good quality rubber grip with aluminium collar to avoid slipping of rubber during use.
Weight Stand & Pulleys
  Fully covered weight stack from front and back and pulley covers for aesthetic looks.
Incremental Weights
  Each single station machine has integrated incremental weight to add on weight by simple turn of knob to adjust from range of 2.5Kg to 7.5Kg
  120Kg; Each weight is made from mild steel, using CNC milling machine, for flawless and excellent finish and accurate weight of 10 Kg on each plate.
Incremental Weight
Integrated system in weight stack, to provide effcient weight selection.
Weight stack cover
Completely covered weight stack gives a aesthetic look to equipments
Seat Cover
Plastic covered seat provides toughness and elegant look to equipments
Multi Adjustments